This is a story of passion, family, talent, hard work, a mom and her three daughters and the most delicious desserts you will ever taste.

Growing up, on Saturdays, I would ride my bike up to the local citrus stand where Ms. Hattie would bake Luscious Orange Cupcakes with sugary frosting from the bruised oranges that did not sell at the citrus stand. I can remember that unique and unforgettable fresh Florida orange taste to this day. When I began Sweet Endings, Ms. Hattie’s orange cupcakes were the inspiration for our trademarked Florida Orange Sunshine Cake®.
In college I found my love of baking. Years later in 1989, along with a coffee cake recipe, an Oreo® cheesecake recipe and my “better than sex” brownies, I began baking two cakes at a time from my home kitchen delivering them in my little red Jeep to local restaurants. Sweet Endings quickly grew out of my home kitchen. I was buying ingredients, baking, washing pans, washing floors, and delivering cakes. Every dime went back into buying ingredients.
It was an exciting time; a sweet dream becoming reality, one dessert at a time. The first steady clients began to come in from local restaurants. Calls from chefs praising my dessert, and more cheerful customers contributed to the rapid growth of Sweet Endings. I was consistently expanding Sweet Endings product line.
With gradual growth of national distribution, I managed to distribute our desserts to the Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas and more. Distributors and chefs raved about Sweet Endings desserts!
Sweet Endings is our passion and our pride, representing dedication and hard work from our Sweet Endings family.
Life is a sweet gift. Each day is an opportunity to smile, to share, to grow, to live happily and to eat cake. Each moment deserves to be celebrated and what better way to do that than to: